Jumaat, Oktober 25, 2019

Hi~ Assalamualaikum | Salam Jumaah 

buat warga readers on Kisah Aienienka yang selalunya sendu, ada masanya hype dan kebanyakannya sepi. 

Well, I tried to make this blog lively as well, still I can do as much I want to. Yeah? People do make excuses on their own unknown reason why. So, me one of them. Huh, blah blah blah. 

Hey! Get up! It's friday gais. Happy Weekend and you! gather up, pack you things and move away! 

How does people react when you say like that to them? Haiyaa~ I am so sad cause I am such a teribble mother. Owh, anak! Kesian, dorang tak minta pun dilahirkan yet kita terutama aku as a mother can't bear of their tantrum. 

Like,, god! Why I am doing this?? *menangis bucu katil* 

Is it normal being a parents and you have a dual personality. One a good mood and the other is the hulk one. haa~ 

Fuh,, be strong mother! You can do it! 

Have fun though. Dorang selalunya tantrum mesti ada sebab. As Nayla, I do understand that she was jealous with her brother. Yet, she also don't have enough time with me. Nasib la Najmi tu pasrah je kakak dia buat apa. 

While I am already be a parents, now I do realise so much thing. The awkward yet it's the truth that people don't want to admit is.. 

Is that right? People intend to give so much advise, but their don't realise that word will come back for them. Like me. One time ago, i was this bad girl. Doesn't like kids, especially the 2 years old and above. Cause the kid can give any expression of them self. They throw a tantrum, they mad when don't like it, they make a noise so that people look at them. In other word, they can do anything they want so easily to make the adult look upon them. Such a carefree person? 

But, what we do as an adult? Sometimes we yell at them, tell them to sit properly. Keep quite in high pitch voice. Oh well, this is I'm doing right now.. Cause myself don't have enough of sabr. Allah~ Sometimes she make me smile alone, watching her so lonely from behind. Make me remind my childhood be like.. And now I do realise my mom feeling. Oh, how bad I am in both way. Being a daughter and a mother. Allah~ 

Luckily of me, I found those telegram that somehow make me reflect my behaviour to my kids. End of the day, I will make it up for her especially cause dia la selalu menguji kesabaran Ibu dia ni. Somehow she so understood for me. That make me sad. 

In these day, when she keep it up her tantrum, I kept saying the bad word to her. T^T
Even though some people might say, "Dulu, hidupe je kita dengan mak ayah garang." OR "Sebat dan rotan la mengajar aku jadi manusia." 

Yet, kita sedar tak hakikat sebenarnya kita ni dah berada di zaman fitnah dan apapun yang kita lakukan is make people do a simple assumption to us. Cause orang takkan faham tempat kita. Tapi sedar la, bahawa ada orang nak berada di tempat kita sebagaimana kita nak berada di tempat oranf tu. Kan? 

The end up this jurnal, I must tell myself. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Don't make an easy assumption, don't look higher that yours, and make something that you really want. 

And last but not least, here I keep a doa that I found in I don't remember where, but a parenting website, that tell us. When you handling those kids in tantrum, here some tips. 
And this the doa. Dari ayat al-Quran. Surah As-syura ayat 19. 
Moga, kita sama-sama dikurniakan kesabaran, kekuatan mental dan fizikal serta positif vibes supaya kita boleh turunkan pada anak-anak kita. Well, have a good weekend people. 

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  1. Salam jumaat. Sabar ya dengan karenah anak-anak yang sedar membesar. Have fun long weekend :)

    1. iN shaa Allah Aamiin.. Moga dikurniakan kesabaran yg tinggi. huhu

  2. Insha Allah, semoga awak diberi kesabaran yang tinggi dalam mendidik dan menjaga amanah Allah.. anyaway, akak tagged nama awak, jemput join..


    1. terima kasih kak atas doanya. ^^

      thanks tagged. nnti kita join. ^^


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