Rabu, November 15, 2023

Cara terbaik pulihkan badan selepas bersalin

How to choose shapewear for your recovery?

Creating new life and giving birth to, it is probably one of the most amazing experiences for women around the world. It implies a lot of changes in the body and many women want to get back to their old figures once they have given birth and are allowed to work out or exercise. 

Many will resort to wearing wholesale fajas, as they will make the healing process and help give support to the muscles of the tummy, as they might have gotten weak during pregnancy. But giving birth sometimes means you have to get surgery, the very famous C-section, and that will really need a faja to help you heal, as it would be needed in any other surgery you might undergo. 

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The ultimate post-surgery solution

In many cases, after surgery, the use of a faja will be needed, and it will be something to have in mind to get the best pieces so you can undergo recovery in the most comfortable way possible, considering the pain you must be in and all the directions given by the doctor. 

This is why our friends at Waistdear, our black friday shapewear vendor, have designed the ultimate post-surgery solution and want you to experience it. These compression garments are high-quality and have been designed to facilitate the process of healing after surgery. 

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You won’t bruise or swell, as these pieces offer targeted compression, accelerating the healing but also minimizing the discomfort and pain.  They are crafted with materials that are top-notch and will offer the best support and comfort too. In many cases, as they are high-waisted, this will ensure that you get a secure fit and full coverage. 

How can fajas really help you after giving birth?

Your body after giving birth has gone into some kind of trauma, and it will take time to recover from it. In general, you might be experiencing pain.

When you want to get to your activities as soon as possible and speed up the process of healing, it will be good if you use post-partum or post-surgical fajas. You would be able to wear them with your built-in shaper dress . This will apply compression to your organs and muscles.  

When you wear a postpartum faja, the added compression from it can help you get rid of extra fluid from the uterus. This way will go back to its regular size. Also, it will help your muscles regain the strength they used to have quickly and without having to do any extra abdominal workouts. It will help reduce swelling, improve your posture, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, make you feel comfortable, and with the prevention of diastasis recti.

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Now that you know the benefits that these kinds of fajas, will you be getting one for your postpartum experience? While it is always important to do what makes you feel the most comfortable, we believe it is also important to consider getting one.

We know that the post-partum and the first months after giving birth can be very hard for new mothers, that’s why these types of shapewear have been created. They will help you heal faster, without having to make much effort working out and even saving some time. 

We want you to enjoy the first few months with your bundle of joy because babies grow so fast and you’ll eventually regret not spending and enjoying this time with them if you don’t. Make sure you make the right choice for yourself and your baby. 

Jumaat, November 03, 2023

Drama Chinese: Love is an Accident

Tajuk: Love an Accident 
Bilangan Episod: 32 episod
Lakonan : Xing Fei (My Girlfriend an Alien) Xu Kai Cheng, Xu Fang Zhou, Fang Dou 
Genre: Time Travel, Classic, Wuxia, Modern, Drama
Channel Tayangan: iQiyi

Sinopsis Love an Accident (2023) 

Kerana sebiji batu meteor, Li Chu Yue berjalan merentas masa ke zaman dahulu disyaki sebagai assasin oleh Tuan Muda, Yunwei Villa, An Jing Zhao. Demi menyelamatkan diri, Chu Yue menurut setiap suruhan Jing Zhao sehingga mengumumkan bahawa mereka adalah suami isteri. 

Review love and Accident 

Lama bebenor le bete tak tengok drama cina ni kan. Sejak tonton Back from the Brink pahtu dah tak ada yang latest menarik minat. Entah ler. Sehingga hari tu ternampak Xu Kai Cheng ni dalam drama ni  Ehh, Hero pujaanku la. Maka bila tengok okay, ons la layan sampai sudah. 

Quite interesting parallel drama macam ni  bila dia dari masa moden nak stabilkan diri di masa lalu. Senang je sebenarnya kan, sebab masa hadapan dah banyak kemajuan. Tapi nak selamatkan diri dari mulut-mulut anasir itu payah. 

Chu Yue pulak seorang fashion designer muda yang bercita-cita membina nama di empayar fashion dengan membawa fashion classic chinese. Jadi bila dia time travel tu, macam inspirasi besar dia untuk melihat sendiri design-design baju mereka. 

Nasib dapat habiskan juga drama yang berkisar time travel dan Jing Zhao pulak seorang tuan muda dari clan yang disanjungi. Banyak sangat orang nak bunuh dia dan iri dengan kebolehannya. Even adik dia sendiri, Jing Ling cuba nak take over semua milik abang dia dengan menguasai ilmu syaitan. heee, geram je laa. Orang buat baik ngan dia dibalas tuba. 

Drama ni boleh dikatakan agak ringan jugak sebab plot dia santai je. Pasal hasad dengki, gaduh adik beradik diselitkan dengan romance antara Jing Zhao dan Chu Yue. But, ending dia like  Mehhh? Mehhh? Meh?? 

Korang nak tengok boleh tengok di iQiyi apps tau. 

Ps: google analytic tgh tak best la push ini... 

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