Hi~ Assalamualaikum | 12 Things you need to remember. 

It's monday, tho. But don't be sad cause monday always Nabi Muhammad SAW  favorite day. :)

Yet,, here I want to share some post that I found on Pinterest. Seem like use to me cause lately I always sharing some darkness inside me. A monster that hiding in my mask. The past that I can't let it go. Now, it's time that I need to let it go for everything that make me sad. When I said this, I swear deep inside my heart. Yeah, you should do that long time ago.

I hope this not a momentery feeling that I said this thing. Because something we felt inspire, sometimes we felt lost. Our mood can be upside down, our feeling be somewhere unknown location that make us forget that we need to move for a brand new day. 

Ayat kau kamil, serupa drama omputih ja. Dalam kepala tetiba dok terdetik, bila la adsense aku ni nak kena approve? awat lama bebeno laa... Adakah ia mempengaruhi how many times we post every month? Or berapa kerap kita post on this blog? I need some income. I want to do everything that people do, yet I can't cause I don't have any kesetiaan dalam melakukan perkara yang boleh mendatangkan untung pada saya. Buduh kan? 

Sudah la kau,, meh la.. saya mau share ni, benda yang patut kau buat dari dulu lagi Nur! 

12 things you need to remember

1. The past can't be changed.
2. Opinion don't define your reality
3. Everyone's journey is different.
4. Judgements are not about you.
5. Overthinking will lead to sadness.
6. Happiness is found within.
7. Your thoughts affect your mood. 
8. Smile and contagious. 
9. Kindness is free. 
10. It's okay to let go and move on. 
11. What comes around, goes around.
12. Things always get better with time. 

So, apalagi Nur. Ani sudah mau 2020 suda. Kau tu pun mau 30 suda. Bah, move on lagi la haa.. 

Esok saya share lagi, perubahan yang macam harus kau lakukan tu. Jangan bilang aja dong. 

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