Ahad, September 01, 2019

Hai Assalamualaikum

Huh, Hello?! *Looking everywhere* Anybody?

Away after 6 weeks without a single line of internet such a boring world, yet how do we survive for these past year? Glad I can make it. 

And this is September!! Yeay! Mu favorite month is coming babeh! Since it's my month, I should make up some entry for this lonely and dumpy blog. Huh? What do you guys say? Should I? 

Ah, korang kasi ke tak kasi ke... Aien tetap nak buat jugak. :p 

I should be started with my whole second journey of delivery for some reason keeping it alive in this online world. Eventhough, my hubby said it shouldn't be publish, yet still I want to. Hehe And that my way to keep this online diaries alive. kan? Bila throw back balik semua entry yang lepas, pasti terkenang akan memori tersebut. So, let's do it. 

Before that, We just make some random entry la untuk panaskan engine dulu. takkan nak terus buatkan. Tak syiok la kan? So, meet you next entry! See ya! 

7 ulasan

  1. Yeayyy welcome back! I can't wait for the next entry ;)

    1. hehe wait and read k? dah read jgn lupa komen. ^^ tq 4 supporting. <3

  2. welcome back kak aien :) dah lama tak singgah blog ni

  3. waalaikumussalam. welcome back ^_^


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