Jumaat, September 20, 2019

Hi~ Assalamualaikum fellow readers.. 
How's a manager handle of those thing properly without a mistake? Only such a brialiant people can manage all these thing. 

Who I'm talking about? Our SUPER-MOM of course. 

And here I am trying to do my best handling those kind of thing. Home, husband, cooking, kids, finance flow. The worse I do, the sad result I get. So who get stress out? The manger. 

Home - Try to make the house like homey. Like when you back home, and you will wide smile. 

Husband - there no problem about it. Just state it on. 

Cooking - I am such a bad chef. Not into cooking either but for my little family, I'm cook. Everything in our hand. Just search for the resepi and you got it. 

Kids - Huh, this mentally..  exhausted! Mum, I'm sorry. I try to proof to myself that I am a good mum, end of the day.. i'm the one who make my kids have a bad dream. 😭 

Honestly, how and how they manage it properly till we grown up? 

Okay, a good family have a good mother. Mother is everything. more happier the mom is, more settle the thing around her. How good the family was, that show how kind their mum is. 

Huuu~ Okay. I need to calm down. take a deep breathe. and fuh! Me time. sit awhile drink a sip of coffee without bother anything. Without pushing myself to the edge of misery. And pray to myself not to become such a jerk to me. 

Happy wife, happy family. And I am happy. 😊 With blessed husband and kids. What more that I want? Peace. Myself actually. 

Don't depressed. Smile. Make your home like homey than I am happy. 

mission to get #rumahimpiannoone2020

Yush! Gambatte ne~ 

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    1. tHanks sis.. :') sngat menghargai sokongan anda.. sngt memerlukan. :')

  2. Motherhood is a 24/7 job. There are no sick days, no vacation days, no overtime pay, no lunch breaks.
    Routines change, people change, situations change.
    Make time for yourself. Believe me you can do it. :)

    1. Thanks sis atas sokongan. ^^ I appreciate that.. ^^


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