The Ultimate Sweet and Spicy Combo Returns: Marrybrown's Korean-Inspired GangJeong Chicken is Back!!

Jumaat, Jun 28, 2024

The Ultimate Sweet and Spicy Combo Returns: Marrybrown's Korean-inspired Gangjeong Chicken is back!

Johor, 28 June 2024 - Daebak! Marrybrown's popular Korean-inspired Gangjeong Chicken is back to satisfy your cravings for sweet and spicy flavours! Available from 4 July 2024 onwards, this much anticipated menu features beloved classics such as Gangjeong Chicken and the Gangjeong CHicken Burger, now with and enticing red bun that emphasizes the heat of the Gangjeong sauce. 

In addition to these favourites, Marryborwn will also be having its delectable Kimchi Rice Bowl that perfectly complements the intense flavours of the Gangjeong Chicken, For those who can't get enough of the Gangjeong taste, the Gangjeong sauce is available as an add-on, offering a perfect blend of sweet, spicy, savoury and tangy flavours that will enhance any dish. 

"Over the years, Korean culture has spread and garnered many fans around the world including Malaysia.  As the  Hallyu fandom in Malaysia continues to grow, Marrybrown wants to suprise our fans with the return of our Korean-inspired menu, blending local favourites with the Korean flavours," expressed Daniel Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown. 

The menu includes: 

  • Kimchi Rice Bowl Combo: starting at RM 13.90
  • Gangjeong Chicken Combo: Featuring 4 pieces of Gangjeong Chicken and French Fries, starting at RM 18.50
  • Gangjeong Chicken Burger Combo: Featuring the Gangjeong Chicken Burger and French Fries starting at RM 17.50

Each combo comes with a refreshing cup of sweet Strawberry Fizz. For those who don'w want to miss out on any flavours, the Gangjeong Chicken Box Meal is the perfect choice, featuring both Gangjeong Chicken and the Gangjeong Chicken Burger, French Fries and a cup of Strawberry Fizz, starting RM 24.50. Cheesy Sticks can be added to all combo meals from RM 6.50 and to end it on a sweet note, the all-new Strawberry Custard Pie can be included in your meal at an additional cost.

"We are excited to relaunch this menu for our Memang Best fans. Their unwavering support allows us to uphold our tradition of offering 'something different' and delicious for all Malaysians. We hope fans will enjoy this taste of Korea, and we look forward to creating more innovative meals for everyone," added Daniel. 

Marrybrown currently serve millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries delivering highest standard of quality, service cleanliness, and value for the perfect dining experience. For more informationon Marrybrown, MB App, promotions and delivery services, please visit:

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p/s: next ada nak baca take kita sharing experience trying the Gangjeong Chicken combo? stay tuned k... set your alarm for the launching return on 4 July 2024 okay?

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